Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Cats the Studio Assistants

I am an animal lover, plain and simple.  When I saw this post on Design*Sponge the other day, I knew I was totally justified in posting about my furry assistants.  My cats - Oscar, Stewart, and Oliver - are the heart of my house.  My partner Josh and I are firmly enchanted by the three of them.  I had Oscar and Stewart when Josh and I met, so I was quite relieved to see what a great cat step-dad he turned out to be.  And when Oliver was dropped in to our lives (literally - our neighbor dropped him into my arms when I came home for lunch one day when his mother turned on he and his litter mates), our furry little menagerie was complete.  Except that I want a dog.  But not now.  And not without a backyard.  And not without Josh's buy in.  I love my pets, but I love him more (and he reads this blog's RSS feed - Hi Honey! - so now he knows I value him over the cats :)

And since nothing beats cute pet pictures, here are my furry friends:

This is Oscar, my 7 year old grey tiger.  He can't meow - only squeeks - which just makes him all the more adorable.  He has an unbelievable commitment to sitting on every piece of paper or fabric that lands on floor.  He's on it!

Oscar's twin brother Stewart.  Very food motivated, extremely cute, and soft like a bunny.  And a whopping 5 lbs lighter now than he was in this picture.  Thanks Wellness cat food!

And yes, finally, our youngest cat.  Oliver is weird.  Really, really weird.  We think he's part Maine coon mix and he is utterly incapable of sitting in a normal cat position.  He sleeps on his back, belly up and legs spread.  He tries to take up as much space as possible no matter where he lands.  And he's unbelievably - heart meltingly - adorable. 

Oliver is also my best helper when I'm working on projects:

He also helps me process online orders:

And now that I've officially entered crazy cat lady status, I'm feeling pretty good.  I swear I'll go back to posting about Found Beauty Studio....  but seriously, cutetastic, right?  Not that I'm biased....


  1. haha- my cat chills out like that also! He's actually well behaved & stays off tables for the most part. He likes the windowsills best.

  2. Wow, really? My cats are many things, but well behaved is not among them... :)