Custom Work

Did you just find a great vintage dresser but don't know what to do with it?  Did your latest trip to the thrift store yield a piece with great bones but a not-so-great finish?  Do you have a fabulous second hand dress that doesn't fit, or doesn't flatter?  Maybe you have a piece of clothing from a loved one or something from the past you can’t let go of, but can’t wear and wish you could turn it into something useable?

It's Found Beauty Studio to the rescue!  I'm here to help with those "I have no idea to do with it, but I know something can be done with it" moment.  My entire studio is based on the idea that there’s a second, third or even tenth life in objects, and I love taking on custom projects.   I have plenty of examples of my work on my flickr account and on my etsy page.

I believe you shouldn’t have to be wealthy to have hand-finished pieces, so I keep very reasonable rates and can work within almost any budget.   Feel free to contact me with any questions or projects you have in mind!