Saturday, August 20, 2011

The March of the Toys....or Rather, Planters!

After a few weeks of painting, cutting (both toys and my hands), more painting, planting, and constant mothering, I have a bunch of new planters ready for Vergennes Day on Saturday!  The process is time consuming... once I finally find the toys at yard sales, thrift stores, and occasionally on ebay, they're thoroughly washed, a hole is cut in their plasticky exoskeleton, they're primed twice, given three coats of paint, sealed with mod podge, and then planted.  And since spray paint does not work (it will remain sticky permanently) all this is done by hand with a good ol' brush and tube of paint.  And whenever possible I grow my own plants, but I don't consider that part of this project.  That's an entirely different hobby/obsession...

Oh yeah, and all of this takes place in my living room, kitchen and porch...

But it's fun!  It's really just so darn much fun.  Finding the toys, choosing the paint, figuring out what plant will look good and thrive in each container,  I LOVE it.  So here are a few of my latest creations:

If you just can't get enough of planter pictures, and I know you can't, I have more on my flickr photostream!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Upcycled Planters at Vergennes Day!

I've realized I have a deep and ridiculous love of turning discarded toys, accessories and home goods into planters, and since they're so hard to ship, I'm booking as many craft shows as possible before it starts freezing outside.  So mark your calendars, plant lovers, because I'll be at Vergennes Day on Saturday, August 26th!  So stop by and say hello, and pick up a few of these planters so they can stop living on my porch :)

Oh yeah, and they'll be a ton more toy planters - the 7 dwarves, 18 dinosaurs, 6 jungle animals, and a few other surprises...