Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It'll Be A Shoe In

Ok, I apologize.  The title is a really bad pun.  I couldn't help it.  It's a Tuesday night at 10:30pm and I'm sitting at my computer with a gin and tonic in hand.  Full disclosure: in addition to my day job, my volunteer positions (both of them) and my studio work, I have an unrelenting love of helping with fundraisers.  So when I read about a fundraiser that  local Champlain College student Kayla Hedman was running for TOMS, I had to help.  Did I mention I read about this on facebook?  So all of y'all who think facebook does no good, I'm here to say otherwise. 

So what's the fundraiser?  I'm decorating a pair of TOMS shoes for an auction!  Decorating + Shoes = LOVE for me.  I used to have a major penchant for adorable high heeled shoes until I basically destroyed my wide feet by shoving them into narrow (but adorable) shoes.  Ouch all over the place.  And now I'm resolved to wearing flats for the rest of my life.  So this is my contribution to the fun, funky, flat, socially responsible shoe world.  Hooray!

Kayla dropped off the shoes on Sunday and here they are!

I love the box they came in:

Plus, they come with a flag that I get to decorate too!

Send you photos?  Heck yes I will!!!

Take one last look folks, because in a week and a half, these shoes will be transformed.

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