Sunday, March 13, 2011

From Skirt to Purse

After the previous post, I thought it might be nice to actually show a few completed projects.  Lately I've been obsessed with finding unwanted or unwearable skirts and turning them into bags.  It's such a satisfying process.  Creative, relatively quick, practical, fun.  Can't be beat.   Here are a few of my latest.  Some have been sold, but for those that are still available, the photo will link you to the listing on my etsy site:

This was my first creation.  It sold in 3 hours!  The step-by-step photos are up on my Found Beauty Studio Facebook page if you want to see the process...

This skirt was lovely, but dowdy.  And it was in good will.  And it had been there for months.  This was a rescue mission.  

I found this beauty at Joesy's Resale Shop in Colchester.  Oh how I heart Joesy's!  When I got it home, I realized it had been handmade.  I'm not sure why I love that so much, but there's something really neat to me that at least two of us DIY ladies saw this fabric and wanted it for our own.   You can't quite tell from the photos, but it's fuzzy!

This khaki number is actually a skort.  Seriously.  I didn't know they still made skorts.

This skirt was soooo cute in its original form, but it had a tear in the back panel that couldn't be repaired.

And with four more skirts in the workroom, more bags are on the way...


  1. Love the one with the belt around the top. Very cool!

  2. Thanks Hannah! It's removable. I'm not sure why, but it makes me so happy that someone will get a bag and a belt out of this :)

  3. I love the colored bag you posted last. Well done!