Thursday, July 21, 2011

ONE World Market

Woo hoo!  Next craft show coming up next Saturday!  Stop by the ONE (that stands for the Old North End) World Market at 191 North Street in Burlington on July 30th from 10 - 4 and pick up a one of a kind planter from my booth.

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Besides the fun of getting to meet buyers in person, I also love that I can sell items at craft shows that I never sell on etsy because, well, I just don't want to ship them.  So all the recycled bags I post on etsy  will be there, but also a whole bunch of planters (with plants!) made from odd and interesting items like old plastic toys, switch plates, pots, pans, tea cups, doll heads, shoes...  If it holds dirt, I've put a plant in it. 

I've also taken a look at the work of some of the other vendors and it should be a really neat small show.  So come and say hi!

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  1. After shopping in my own studio, here is the list of things that will be planters by next Saturday: teapots, dolls heads, old plastic dinosaur toys, vintage martini shakers, jello molds, an owl sculpture, 6 switchplates that have been spraypainted and glued together, and a shoe. I love my life.