Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Benefit of Getting Away From it All

For three years I've neglected to join my partner's family Fourth of July camping trip in a field by his grandfather's house in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  I've just never been a camping kind of gal, and I have a nasty health issue that makes me pass out when it gets above 85 degrees and burn to a crisp in the sun.  But today we went to spend the day and I'm so sorry I ever missed it before.  I was surrounded by nature, a babbling brook that I happily tromped barefoot through, a gaggle of loving and hilarious family members, and the most adorable puppy named Lucky.  It's been far too long since I was away from a cell phone signal, an internet connection, the ever-present responsibility of checking my email, and the feeling of dread that I'm wasting any moment at home when I'm not working on projects for my etsy store.  This, my friends, was a well needed respite.  The moral of this quick blog post?  Do not neglect self care.  It's oh so easy to do in this world of 24-7 work and responsibility, but it's not healthy.  And I say that as a life long workaholic.  Did you hear me other type A workaholics?  IT'S NOT HEALTHY.  That constant backache, throbbing in your frontal lobe, and dry red eyes - yeah, you know what I'm talking about - that's not normal.  That pit of your stomach knot that never goes away?  Also not normal.  Toss the phone for a weekend.  Leave the house and/or studio.  Put down the brush/thread/hook/needles/wax/fiber/whatever your drug of choice is/ and take a break.  The guilt will pass.  I promise.  And you'll feel better.  And you'll be happier when you get back to it.  Seriously. 

Why are you still reading this?  Go now!

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