Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Hot to Work, so Here's a Link Instead

It hit 90 degrees here in Burlington, VT yesterday which I'm sure is nothing to most of you, but I am not built to be functional in anything above 80 which is one of the reasons I live here. And our air conditioner is conveniently buried at the bottom of our big closet, which is also full of 5lb buckets of joint compound from remodeling, excess artwork of ours we haven't hung, all of my planting supplies, and most of my home brewing equipment. Needless to say, it wasn't coming out for the few hot days of the season. So too hot to work on the dress I was going to make with my new dress form Lula that I made an epic excursion across the state to retrieve (long, kind of fun story I'll post later).

Which brings me back to the point, because when it's too hot to create, I read about other people's creations and look what I found on Design Sponge! Two people decided to write letters to everyone in a small Irish village. Best Idea Ever: http://www.mysteriousletters.blogspot.com/

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