Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Train Case Completed!

I finally finished refurbishing the train case today! Here's a quick view:

I absolutely love it. More views are up on my etsy page.

Off to cook dinner for friends now - tomorrow I start on a neat blue train case that a friend sent me. Yay upcycling!


  1. OMG, I have about 20 of those little train cases I swear. They are all packed away waiting for me to paper them 'someday'. Seeing yours makes me want to get to it!!

    It looks awesome!

  2. I just trashpicked an american tourister from this same time period, has the little flip locks, and is in perfect shape - red satin interior. problem is that MUSTY smell. I would love to do something like this with it, especially w/ the satin interior that would go so perfectly with the poppies. Any advice for getting out the mustiness?

  3. Oh the musty smell! A perennial problem with old luggage. I usually gut the interior since it's often in really bad shape, but with a perfect red satin interior, I'm with you - leave it in! I used to work with antique clothes and we had a trick of sealing them in a big plastic bag with a handful of cedar chips - without letting the chips touch the fabric - so you might want to try this. You could also set a small dish of activated charcoal in the case and close it up for a few days to see if that helps. Though with all the commercials you'd think febreze was a good choice, it leaves behind a residue and no one really seems to know the long term effects on fabric...

  4. Sure do wish you would give a tutorial on this...it's precious. I bought one which I have wanted to paint but haven't gotten brave enough to try yet.

  5. Tutorial pretty please! I love this, great color choices!