Sunday, May 26, 2013

Geeking Out About Workshops

Earlier this week, I taught my first workshop on selling through Etsy.  It was a little odd putting the presentation together, thinking "who the heck am I to teach others on etsy?" but as I kept outlining and writing I realized that I do, in fact, know a ton about selling on etsy.  Who knew?  Ok, apparently the people who asked me to teach the workshop knew.  But it was a great moment for me to see how far I've come since dipping my toe in the massive pool of etsy back in mid-2009. 

See, I love teaching workshops.  LOVE it.  I love gathering my thoughts into a coherent presentation, I love creating informative handouts, I love the anticipation of getting a group of interested people together to geek out over something I find fascinating, and I love the interactions between all of us for a few hours as we share knowledge.  Love. It.  My favorite part, though, is getting others excited about a topic and encouraging them to get out there and give something new a shot. 

So tell me, friendly readers, what makes a good workshop experience for you?

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